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The Shocking Reason Jim Carrey Didn’t Get an Upfront Payment For the Comedy Film ‘Yes Man’

Being one of the most sought-after thespians in the entertainment industry means you can earn millions of dollars just for accepting a project. Yes, you will earn a huge sum despite not filming anything but did you know that Jim Carrey, arguably one of the greatest comedians of all time, once got nothing as an upfront payment for a highly successful role? We are talking about his film ‘Yes Man,’ where he played Carl Allen.

‘Yes Man’ Offer

At the time of the offer, Jim was already a well-known star. However, he declined any amount when he accepted the ‘Yes Man’ role.

Because a couple of his previous films didn’t perform well on the big screen, Jim felt that he didn’t need to receive an upfront payment for this project. Although he got an offer, the well-loved comedian declined an initial salary.

Denis Makarenko / Shutterstock Jim made a very risky move

Instead, Jim negotiated with the studio and asked for a 36.2-percent share of the earnings of the film. It was risky, to say the least, especially since nobody would know if a movie will be a success.

Fortunately, ‘Yes Man’ raked in $223 million at the Box Office, which means Jim pocketed a whopping $35 million. So you can say that the actor made a very dangerous but wise decision after all! In fact, reports say that this remains to be one of the biggest pays of his career.

‘Yes Man’

The 2008 comedy revolves around a lonely loan officer who generally had a negative outlook in life. He attended a seminar that urges people to say ‘yes’ to almost all the challenges they face.

Warner Bros. / Jim and Zooey Deschannel starred in ‘Yes Man’

Once Carl began applying this tip in his life, he noticed massive changes. Although it did earn big at the Box Office – over $200 million profit against a $70-million budget – it garnered mixed reactions from critics.

Jim Carrey’s Life

Jim knew that he wanted to perform at a young age. He was born to a musician and accountant parents but the family wasn’t financially stable.

As a result, Jim and his brother had to work to help make ends meet. At 16, the funny guy left school to try his luck in comedy.

Everett Collection / Shutterstock Jim initially struggled to make it big

Without leaving his job at a local tire factory, Jim pursued comedy but didn’t immediately become a success. Through the years, it became harder for the family and they eventually became homeless and had to live in a van.

Thankfully, his father was so supportive of his dreams of becoming a comedian. Jim struggled to make it big at first but worked hard and later achieved the success he long wanted.

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