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‘80 For Brady:’ Former Quarterback Tom Brady Sees A Wonderful Future in Hollywood Ahead of His Debut Production

We would not be exaggerating if we say that whatever Tom Brady touches, he turns it into gold. The NFL GOAT had a historic career as a quarterback and soon after he retired from the NFL, he made his debut in Hollywood. Following his retirement, Brady has been relentless in his pursuit to maintain his champion status and for that, he is linked with several Hollywood productions in partnership with the Tempa Bay Buccaneers. To begin with, he has produced ‘80 For Brady.’

BBC / After making his debut in Hollywood – as a producer of the film 80 For Brady – the former ‘NFL GOAT’ is headed to create a new future in Hollywood.

Tom Brady’s recent interview with the Los Angeles Times shows that Hollywood is definitely, his next move. “I love every single bit of my first experience with Hollywood,” Brady tells The Los Angeles Times. “Hertz and the team are great to work with. They have wonderful leadership and amazing collaboration. During the production of my first film (80 For Brady,) we had soo much fun together.” Furthermore, the former soccer star asserts that he ‘hopes’ that much more fun projects like 80 For Brady are ahead of them.

Little About The Film ‘80 For Brady’

Boardroom / The Film ‘80 For Brady’ follows an incredible story of Tom Brady’s career as an NFL champion.

80 For Brady is the first production from the former quarterback star and with this film, Brady makes his debut in Hollywood as a producer. Nonetheless, it is pertinent to mention here that his first film comes instantly after his retirement from the NFL.

Essentially, “80 For Brady” is a biopic – or more generally, an autobiography film – of the NFL star. The story revolves around Brady’s career as the leading quarterback of the New England Patriots. In the beginning of the film, four best friends, who are also the motion picture’s lead actors, go out of their way to eulogize Tom Brady – as they are the die-hard fans of The New England Patriots. It goes without saying that these four friends are excited to see their hero performing in the NFL.

Tom Brady’s Self-Belief and Hertz’s Collaborative Leadership Are the Secrets of Brady’s Successful Hollywood Debut

Inc Magazine / Tom Brady always ‘over delivers’ whatever he does; his first Hollywood film is no exception.

Nevertheless, Brady believes in doing his best and overdelivering the projects that he takes over. “As I dived into Hollywood, I was assured of one thing: Doing my best and always overdelivering,” Tom Brady tells The Los Angeles Times. He goes on to say that he knew he was naive to the platform of Hollywood. But it was his dedication and the collaboration of Hertz that paved the way for him.

“I am not perfect,” he says. “You see, being an athlete and a film producer are two different things. But it is my belief that whatever you do with your full heart and energy, there is no way to have setbacks.” Similarly, he also praises the Hertz team for their collaboration. He also credits his successful Hollywood debut to the ‘incredible’ leadership of Hertz.

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