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Kids Live In The Shadows Of Their Parents – Reveals A New Study

It is no more a secret that kids walk under their parents’ influence. From cradle to grave, a kid is little more than a shadow of his parents. Genetically, there is a lot of evidence that supports this idea. Suppose you see a kid with grey hair and blue eyes, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? We bet that you will say: “He is just like his dad.” This is what genetics is—your kids ‘look’ like you and you also share the same appearance and likeness.

Cotton Bro / Pexels / Kids share a resemblance with their parents genetically.

However, genetics is not the only factor where kids share a resemblance with their parents. A new Harvard study finds that kids are the walking symbols of their parents. It becomes very apparent when you look at successful parents. The kids of Johhny Depp are walking in the shadow of their dad. Since he is the most successful Hollywood actor of our time, so are his kids. His daughters are also widely famous actresses. Similarly, there are hundreds of examples in the Hollywood industry where you can see that today’s actors are nothing more or less than an influence by their parents.

But does that mean that only famous and successful parents have an impact on their kids? This study says that it is not. It argues that regardless of parents’ background, ethnicity, and success, they have equal impacts on their kids. For good or bad, this influence is always there. And it does not matter whether or not your parents are successful.

August / Pexels / You walk on the influence of your parents whether or not they are successful and famous.

So, the status of parents is out of the question. Psychologically speaking, kids start understanding by the time when they are born. Kids grasp everything that goes on in the household:

  • How do they talk?
  • What do they talk about?
  • How does a normal conversation look in the family?

These are some little things your kids passively learn when they are around. In the long run, this becomes a part of their being – an inevitable one. This is how your kids’ future is determined by the kind of information that you give your kids from an early age.

Cotton Bro / Pexels / Kids passively learn the worldview and beliefs of their parents from an early age.

A Florida-based psychotherapist, Amy Walter, suggests that from an early age, kids learn that they are dependent on their parents. They understand that they can not survive without the support of their caregivers. According to Amy, this is where the parents start to influence their kids. In the longer run, this dependency turns into an influence. As a result, these kids walk under the influence of their parents as they grow up.

On the flip side, psychologists argue that kids of less successful parents get a positive influence from their parents compared to the famous ones. They suggest that the kids of highly successful parents do not develop high self-esteem as they holistically rely on their parents all the time. In contrast, kids of common parents become self-made and develop high self-esteem.

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