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50 Funny Disney moments caught on camera

When you’re a kid, the place you dream of going to is Disneyland. Children have a blast because aside from the different rides they can go on, they get to meet their favorite Disney characters. These mascots are ordinary people in costumes, but kids think they’re the real deal.

Parents love taking photos of their kids, and they will often capture the funniest moments. We gathered a list of the funniest Disneyland photos we found on the Internet, and we’re sure you might want to plan your next visit after seeing how much fun the people here had.


Remembering Their First Date

Disneyland has many theme parks globally, and you will sometimes find some unique attractions depending on the place. In Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort, they have a zoological theme park called Disney’s Animal Kingdom. It sits on 580 acres of land, and sources claim it’s the most famous theme park globally.

This couple wasn’t the type who would do wacky poses for the photo, so they opted for a simple photo-op by the big sign. In their smile, you can see that they were happy, and we wouldn’t be surprised if they went there for a date.

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