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10 Incredible Tips to Make Family Time Great Again

Parents today face the challenge of spending less time with their children than previous generations. American Demographics reports that parents now spend roughly 40 per cent less time with their kids compared to a generation ago. Both quantity and quality time are essential when engaging in family activities. Building memories by making family time creative and enjoyable is crucial. This article will explore tips to enhance family time.

10 Tips to Great Family Time

1. Eat Together and Listen to Each Other

Family time starts at the dinner table. Sharing a meal isn’t just about eating; it’s about connecting. When families dine together, they open a channel for communication, allowing everyone to share their day’s experiences, challenges, and joys. This setting fosters unity and understanding, with attentive listening playing a crucial role in conveying interest and building trust. Making mealtime a regular family ritual can significantly enhance relationships and create lasting memories.

Best tips to make family time great again.

August de Richelieu | Pexels | Family dinners open a channel for communication, allowing everyone to share their day’s experiences, challenges, and joys.

2. Read Often

Reading together is a fantastic way to bond and encourage a love for learning. It stimulates language development and curiosity, and it increases attention spans. Choose books that resonate with your child’s interests and discuss them afterwards. This not only promotes literacy but also opens up conversations that deepen your connection.

3. Do Chores Together

Family life thrives on teamwork, and chores are an excellent way to instil a sense of responsibility and accountability. When parents and children tackle household tasks together, it becomes a learning experience, fostering good communication skills and a sense of accomplishment. Plus, it’s a great way to teach children about the importance of contributing to the household.

4. Help with Schoolwork

Helping with schoolwork is a valuable opportunity to spend quality time with children. It shows that you care about their education and are invested in their success. This involvement can make children more interested in school, leading to better grades and a more positive attitude towards learning. Trips to the library for school projects can be both educational and enjoyable, turning study time into a fun family activity.

5. Start a Hobby or Project

Engage in hobbies or projects that interest your child. Whether it’s cooking, crafting, fishing, or biking, these activities can be a gateway to exciting family time. Let your child take the lead once they’ve learned the basics, giving them a sense of independence and confidence while you supervise and support them.

Best tips to make family time great again.

Ketut Subiyanto | Pexels | Engage in hobbies or projects that interest your child.

6. Play Games

Incorporate a mix of video games, board games, and card games into your family time. While video games are popular, traditional games offer more opportunities for interaction and conversation. This balance allows for both fun and meaningful bonding time, nurturing the relationship in a relaxed setting.

7. Plan a Family Outing

Sometimes, a change of scenery is all you need. Plan outings to local parks, museums, zoos, or even a simple drive. These outings provide a break from the daily routine and create opportunities for spontaneous and meaningful interactions. Activities like picnicking, biking, or strolling through the woods can spark enthusiasm and lead to great discussions.

8. Encourage Athletic Activities

Sports are not just about physical health; they build character, discipline, and teamwork. Encouraging your children to participate in athletic activities supports their emotional and physical development. It also provides a platform for family members to engage with each other in a dynamic and energetic environment.

9. Pray Together and Attend Worship

Spending a few minutes each day in prayer can be a profound way to bond. It instils a sense of faith and provides a foundation for family values. Attending worship services together reinforces this bond and offers a supportive community. Through these practices, families can grow spiritually and emotionally, strengthening their unity and resilience.

Best tips to make family time great again.

Freepik | Spending a few minutes each day in prayer can be a profound way to bond.

10. Create a Family Time Calendar

Busy schedules often push family time to the back burner. A family calendar can help prioritize and plan special moments together. By scheduling activities in advance, everyone can look forward to and prepare for these times, ensuring that they are free from interruptions. This approach helps maintain consistency and make the most of your family time.


Enhancing family time involves creating routines and activities that foster communication, trust, and togetherness. Each of these tips contributes to building a stronger, more connected family unit.


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