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5 Kitchen Hacks That Add a Chef-like Touch to Every Meal You Prepare

Ever since leisurely cooking has captured people’s imagination, social platforms stay abuzz with drool-worthy pictures of food from around the world. Today, every other person boasts of being a great chef! And we don’t mean to be sarcastic, but some people are truly wonderful with their hands.


Unsplash | A few simple tricks can make your time in the kitchen much easier

Sharing the love for food isn’t limited to uploading pictures anymore. People have started recording videos of real hacks they use in the kitchen to make their meal-prep even more interesting. And today, we present you with five ultimate kitchen tricks that will make your time in the kitchen a whole lot easier. Have a look.

Cherry tomatoes

As aesthetically pleasing as they look, cherry tomatoes also carry a load of health benefits. But cutting them perfectly into half one at a time consumes a lot of time. So why not try this – place the cherry tomatoes on a flat plate and place another plate over them. Now, use a sharp knife in the gap between the two plates to sleekly slice the tomatoes. End result? Neatly cut cherry tomatoes in one go!

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Pasta time

Who doesn’t love the flavor of a plate full of cheesy pasta! Speaking of flavor, we’re sure you know that pasta must be drained properly so as to not lose its texture. But have you ever felt that even after doing it right, the pasta doesn’t turn out well?

Well, here’s why – you might be directly pouring the boiled pasta in a drainer, but in fact, the correct way to drain it is to place the drainer on the pan and flip it. This drains the water from the pasta such that it doesn’t lose its texture.


Unsplash | Pasta must be drained properly so as to not lose its texture

Softening butter

When you reheat previously melted butter in a microwave in an attempt to melt it again, its odor gets lost, and some lumps remain, isn’t it? To avoid this, take a glass and fill it a third with boiling water. Then, pour the water back and instantly place the warm glass upside down on the butter. Gradually, the butter will soften and melt without leaving any lumps.

Tight jar

A kitchen is the only place where even a strong man or woman can easily get easily annoyed while fighting with a tight jar that doesn’t budge! Been there, done that? Well, the next time you face the challenge, put a rubber band around the lid and turn it. The friction will end the battle in seconds!

Stay away from onion, dear potato

Most people tend to keep onions and potatoes in the same basket outside the refrigerator. But what they don’t realize is that they’re spoiling their veggies! The amount of moisture and gas released from onions and potatoes left outside is sufficient to kill each other’s nutrients.

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Unsplash | Onions, and potatoes kept together without refrigeration can result in both veggies getting spoilt

Wrapping it up

You don’t have to be Gordon Ramsay to keep your kitchen safe from wars. Simply following a few tricks will keep your stuff in place and save your day. We hope you have fun cooking in the kitchen without burning the food!

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