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Make the Most out of WFH: Marie Kondo’s Productivity Hacks

Now she’s imparting some valuable advice to make your WFH life a lot less chaotic.

Change of Environment

Now we know that it’s next to impossible to leave the house under current circumstances, and many of us are taking this opportunity to spend some extra hours, and sometimes even the entire day, in bed.

This can be harmful to your productivity, according to Kondo, who prefers to commence her workday from a desk. If you don’t have a home office like Kondo, simply use the kitchen countertop or the dining table as your makeshift work desk.

Spice It Up

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Kondo believes in making work more joyful, which is why she loves to add elements of surprise and pops of color on her desk that can help her feel more focused and energized.

Breaks Are Important

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While it’s easy to take lunch breaks when you’re working from an office, it’s quite different when you’re stuck at home. It’s hard to keep track of time when you’re glued to your laptop in your pajamas, but it’s essential to take breaks in between to have some sort of normalcy in your routine.


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While it’s important to have elements of joy on your work desk, you don’t want to clutter it with too much stuff to the point where it becomes a distraction. Only keep essentials on your desk and take anything distracting out of your sight while you’re working.

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