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Social Distancing Is the Perfect Opportunity to Rekindle Your Love for Books and Reading

There is one common trait amongst all successful entrepreneurs and business owners- they take out the time to read as much as possible. Billionaire philanthropist and owner of the Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban reads more than three hours a day while Bill Gates is renowned for finishing about 50 books each year. Other entrepreneurs and philanthropists who are also active readers include Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos.

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Rediscovering your Love for Books

While most of the international socio-economic activities are on pause and the fast-paced lifestyle has given way to some downtime indoors, this can be the perfect opportunity to indulge in activities we simply didn’t have the time for until recently.

While reconnecting with friends and family during times like these is extremely important, let’s not forget the power of books to move, excite, confuse, educate or enlighten the readers and entangle them in carefully woven webs of storytelling and imagination to transport them into another dimension entirely.

Read For Joy, Not Just Information

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When it comes to reading, it is important to make the process enjoyable rather than a tedious one- there is no other feeling that comes close to losing yourself into the plotlines of masterpieces like The Count of Monte Cristoclinging onto every word as Alexander Dumas takes us to an unforgettable journey across France, Italy and the Mediterranean.

Reading for pleasure is proven to be more retentive as the reader is able to recall most of what has transpired, resulting in improved attention span and focus. When you treat reading as a chore, in most cases the results can be counterproductive since you end up retaining little to nothing so there are no takeaways for the reader.

Implementation is as important as Reading

The point of a productive book is not only to inform and educate, but also to inspire and motivate readers which is why it is extremely important to pay attention to the wisdom imparted in those pages and implement in our everyday lives.

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Additionally, books can also be a good workout for the brain and lead to better social skills; according to researchers, people who read a lot of science fiction get better scores for social ability and empathy.

It is very important for us to understand how reading enhances our mind, body and everyday lives because only then can we collectively make a conscious effort to find more and more time to read.

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