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How to Find the Motivation for Your Next HIIT Class

If there was a workout that promised to melt away the fan instantly and took less than half an hour to complete, you’d probably try it in a heartbeat. That’s exactly what HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is about.

Shutterstock — HIIT has gained popularity over the past few years

We’ve heard so many incredible things about HIIT, but not many people enjoy doing it. If you do it right, a single training session can make you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck (in a good way), which is no wonder why the idea of HIIT can scare even the fittest among us.

If you find yourself dreading the next HIIT class at your gym, here are few things you can do to not just make the most of your short training session but to also enjoy it to the max.

Pick the Right Class

The HIIT mania has completely taken over the fitness industry over the last few years with many trainers raving about it for fast weight loss results. But when it comes to enjoying this training program, or any form of exercise for that matter, finding the right class makes all the difference.

Shutterstock — Choosing the right class makes all the difference

If you’re comfortable in the environment you’re in, chances are that you’re not going to enjoy yourself. Having fun is a very crucial part of your fitness journey so we cannot stress enough the importance of finding a routine that you thoroughly enjoy and feel comfortable doing.

If you’re fairly new to the fitness game or simply feel uncomfortable surrounded by a large group of people, pick a class that isn’t too crowded. Some gyms offer the same class multiple times during the day so that everyone gets the chance to partake. Avoid going to the gym during rush hours and pick a quieter spot during the afternoon if your schedule allows it.

Eat Right

What you eat before your HIIT session makes all the difference in your energy levels. High-intensity training can be, well, intense, so you need to make sure that you’ve prepared your body by fueling it with the right foods.

Eating too much food can make you feel nauseous and bloated during the session whereas not eating enough will quickly deplete your energy levels and affect your performance.

Shutterstock — Snack on bananas or a high-carb food 30 minutes before the workout

Experts suggest snacking on bananas or a high-carb food a few minutes before the workout. Hydration is also important since you’ll be sweating buckets during the class so keep a water bottle in handy to sip on during rest periods.

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