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What Does Gen Z Look for in Movies & TV Shows?

There is something distinctly different about the way Gen Z consumes content. Their preferences on screen are more than just entertainment. Instead, they are a reflection of their values, their aspirations, and the rapidly changing world around them.

Now, let’s uncover the top essentials of Gen Z’s screen-time wish list.

Bence / Pexels / Gen Z loves watching movies and TV shows that portray optimism and positivity.

Accurate Portrayal of Friendship

Let’s kick things off with the social dynamics that dominate Gen Z screens. For this generation, the portrayal of friendships is the main course. They crave shows where each member of the group offers more than just comic relief or plot advancement. Think of series like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” where every character, with their quirks and camaraderie, plays a vital role in the story.

For Gen Z, these representations embody the communities they are part of in the real world: Varied, inclusive, and interconnected. They do not just want to see a group of friends. Instead, they want to see their own tribes reflected in the bonds on screen, complete with inside jokes, group chats, and the shared moments that turn friends into family.

Resonating Superheroes

Scaling back the expectation for invulnerability and omnipotence, Gen Z applauds when the cape comes with complications. They resonate with characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” where we see a young hero dealing with the woes of high school, and “WandaVision,” which dives deep into the aspects of grief and mental health.

Max / Pexels / Gen Z get inspiration from self-made superheroes who overcome obstacles without calling it quits.

It is the human side of superheroes that captivates Gen Z. A stark contrast to the one-dimensional saviors of past narratives. They lean into stories where superheroes struggle to balance their extraordinary abilities with ordinary lives, grappling with the same issues their viewers face daily.

Compelling Narrative Over Mere Fight Scenes

Gen Z does not just want action. They want a narrative ballet where every movement, every moment of combat, is part of a larger, compelling narrative.

Series like “Daredevil” on Netflix offered a perfect blend of action and storytelling that kept Gen Z hooked. The precision in choreography, the gravity of the stakes, and the physicality of the genre reach a new height when they are threaded with emotional and psychological depth. This demographic craves the tension that builds with a chase sequence and the release that comes from a perfectly executed showdown.

Relatable Struggling Characters

The penultimate must-have in Gen Z’s viewing playlist is authenticity. Shows and movies like “Insecure” or “Atlanta” bring to life characters and scenarios that feel plucked from reality: Imperfect, uncertain, and relatable. This preference steers clear of the aspirational fantasies of the ‘80s and ‘90s, focusing instead on the power of seeing one’s own life reflected on the screen, complete with its messy, unfiltered beauty.

Kampus / Pexels / Gen Z wants to watch content on the big screen that they can relate to. Movies that resonate with their modern-day struggles.

Thus, Gen Z does not just watch to escape. They watch to connect, to see their struggles and triumphs mirrored by characters who navigate life’s ups and downs with a relatability that feels almost personal.

Optimistic & Uplifting Content

At the heart of Gen Z’s screen desires lies the need for hope. They are magnetized by stories of resilience, of individuals or communities that encounter the impossible and stare it down until it looks like opportunity. These narratives offer a beacon of light in a world that can often seem dominated by shadows.

Films like “Hidden Figures” and series such as “Ted Lasso” offer that nourishing blend of positivity and perseverance that inspires Gen Z viewers. They are drawn to tales where characters confront challenges head-on, armed with nothing but their wits, willpower, and the audacity to dream big.

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