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Who Is Bad Bunny Dating? Explore His Relationship Timeline

Bad Bunny, the Puerto Rican musician whose real name is Benito Antonio Martínez Ocasio, is not just a global music icon but also a figure of intrigue when it comes to his personal life. With a reputation for keeping his relationships under wraps, fans and media alike are always eager to know: who is Bad Bunny dating?

Here, we delve into his romantic history, exploring his significant relationships and the dynamics that made headlines.

Kendall Jenner (2023)

who is bad bunny dating

justjared | Instagram | Romance rumors sparked in February 2023 when Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner were spotted together.

In early 2023, Bad Bunny and Kendall Jenner became the subject of swirling dating rumors. The buzz started when paparazzi captured the duo leaving the same restaurant, reportedly after a double date with Hailey and Justin Bieber. An insider revealed to People magazine that they were “hanging out” and “having fun,” with Jenner finding Bad Bunny charming and different from her past relationships. By March, their status was seemingly confirmed with photos of them sharing a kiss in a Los Angeles parking lot.

High-Profile Appearances

As their relationship progressed, Bad Bunny and Jenner began to appear at major events together, including a 2023 Met Gala after-party and Coachella. Despite their growing public presence, they remained discreet about their romance in interviews. In a June interview with Rolling Stone, Bad Bunny emphasized his desire for privacy, stating, “People know everything about me, so what’s left for me to protect? My private life, my personal life.”

Jenner echoed this sentiment in her Harper’s Bazaar September 2023 cover story, expressing her intense and unapologetic approach to love. However, despite their chemistry, the relationship concluded by the end of the year. According to sources, they mutually understood from the beginning that their relationship might not be long-term due to their hectic schedules and young age.

Gabriela Berlingeri (2017–2022)

who is bad bunny dating

thegodbenito | Instagram | Bad Bunny shares rare insights into his long-term relationship with jewelry designer Gabriela Berlingeri.

Before Kendall Jenner, Bad Bunny had a significant relationship with jewelry designer Gabriela Berlingeri. The pair met in 2017 after a Zion and Lennox concert in Puerto Rico. Their connection deepened during the COVID-19 pandemic when they quarantined together, which Bad Bunny described as a period that reinforced Gabriela’s importance in his life. “This quarantine has made me understand that she is the best companion I could have,” he shared in a Rolling Stone interview.

Relationship Highlights

Their romance was mostly kept out of the public eye until they attended an NBA game together in 2020. That summer, engagement rumors spread when Gabriela was spotted wearing a diamond ring. However, Bad Bunny dispelled these rumors, saying, “Maybe it can be [an engagement]. But I think that weddings and getting married scare me.”

Their relationship faced challenges, and by August 2022, it appeared to have ended when videos surfaced of Bad Bunny kissing another woman at a nightclub in Puerto Rico.

Carliz De La Cruz (2011–2017)

who is bad bunny dating

Instagram | carlizcha | Before his fame, Bad Bunny dated University of Puerto Rico student Carliz De La Cruz.

Long before the fame, Bad Bunny was in a serious relationship with Carliz De La Cruz, a fellow student at the University of Puerto Rico. They were together from 2011 until 2017, with Bad Bunny even proposing to Carliz in 2016. Their relationship ended in 2017 as Bad Bunny’s career began to soar.

Years after their breakup, Carliz De La Cruz made headlines by suing Bad Bunny for at least $40 million over a voice recording she had provided, which featured her saying “Bad Bunny, baby.” This recording was used in his songs “Pa Ti” and “Dos Mil 16.”

According to the lawsuit, this usage was without her consent, causing her distress and anxiety. The legal battle highlighted the complex nature of their past relationship and its lingering effects.

Privacy and Personal Life

Bad Bunny has consistently emphasized the importance of keeping his personal life private. In a 2023 interview with Vanity Fair, he remarked, “They don’t know how you feel, they don’t know how you live, they don’t know anything, and I really don’t want them to know.” This commitment to privacy means that while fans might get glimpses into his romantic life, much remains shrouded in mystery.

Who is Bad Bunny Dating? Unveiling the Enigma

Bad Bunny’s dating history, from his early days with Carliz De La Cruz to his high-profile romance with Kendall Jenner, offers a fascinating glimpse into the personal life of a global superstar. Each relationship has shaped him in different ways, contributing to the man behind the music.

As fans continue to ask, “who is Bad Bunny dating?” they will undoubtedly keep a close eye on his next move, eagerly awaiting more pieces of the puzzle to be revealed.


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