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Ukrainian Grain Shortage: A Deal Between Russia & Ukraine To Resume Ukrainian Exports

It’s been over half a year since Russia waged war on Ukraine. Since then, Russia has been outrageously aggressive under Putin’s leadership. Major cities of Ukraine, like Kyiv, have been destroyed. Similarly, the Russian force has been pretty aggressive, and common Ukrainians have been compelled to leave Ukraine.

Thus, leading world powers like the United States, the U.K, and Australia have called for a ceasefire. The World Health Organization (WHO) has also urged Russia to schedule table talks with Ukraine. Nonetheless, all these efforts have been in vain as Russia, under Putin’s leadership, has not paid heed to these calls. Consequently, Russia has been socially isolated by the world’s leading powers.

GNN / Russia does not take a step back from the war in Ukraine despite the global outcry.

As the war in Ukraine continues, one of the major crises that have emerged in Russia is the food crisis. Ukraine has been exporting grain and other food supplements to Russia for decades. However, this decade-old exportation ceased as Russia waged war on the much smaller country. Since then, there has been no progress between the two states, and Ukrainian exports to Russia have ceased.

Nevertheless, a recent official statement from Turkey suggests that Russia and Ukraine have concluded. According to the statement released by Turkey, Ukraine and Russia are all set to sign a deal where they will resume the expectation that was stopped because of the Russian war in Ukraine. It is pertinent to note here that Russia has been suffering from a grave scarcity of Ukrainian grain but with this recent agreement, Ukraine will likely resume the exportation of Ukrainian grain to Russia.

BBC / A statement from Turkey asserts that Ukraine will soon resume its exportation of grain to Russia.

An Agreement Between Russia & Ukraine Will Take Place in Turkey Next Week

Moving forward, the statement also confirmed that a bilateral meeting between Ukrainian and Russian leadership is all set to take place in Turkey. According to the statement, Russian and Ukrainian delegates will hold “a table talk” in Turkey and will come to a mutual conclusion.

BBC / The unblocking of Ukrainian exports will be discussed between Russian and Ukrainian leadership in Turkey.

However, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky also hinted at the Russian and Ukrainian table talk while talking to the press club. Following the statement from Turkey, the Ukrainian president said that Kyiv is awaiting confirmation of unblocking Ukrainian exports to Russia.

“We are likely to sign an agreement (with Russia) in Turkey,” said the president of Ukraine. However, he also asserted that a United Nations-led delegation is also all set to bring the matter to the table. With that all said, Russia and Ukraine are expected to come to a mutual conclusion this Friday.

Nevertheless, it goes without saying that this is the first progress in the last 6b months since Russia has waged war on Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine have not come to a mutual talk since the Russian aggression in Kyiv. However, political analysts and experts are optimistic that this ‘exports unblocking’ by Ukraine will open up new doors for negotiations between Ukraine and Russia.

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