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Three Music Artists Who Can’t Stand Justin Bieber, The Reason Will Shock You!

Justin Bieber may have millions of fans worldwide, but not everyone in the music industry loves him. In fact, there are quite a few celebrities who have openly criticized his music.


Eminem is probably one of the greatest rappers of all times but he hasn’t gotten to where he is today without making a few enemies along the way. Eminem has dissed some of the biggest names in the music industry including Mariah Carey and Lana Del Rey.

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Even Justin Beiber hasn’t managed to escape his wrath. The rapper dedicated an entire song, called Kick Off, to trashing the Canadian singer, going as far as to accuse him of abusing drugs and calling him overrated.

Of course, Bieber didn’t stay silent. He responded to the insult by criticizing Eminem’s latest album, Kamikaze. But the rapper didn’t take his comments to heart, instead, he laughed it off and took the high road.

Marilyn Manson

Who would have guessed that someone as iconic as Marilyn Manson would ever diss an artist less than half his age? The singer used Bieber’s name in one of his songs but the Canadian singer didn’t take offense… at least, not publicly.

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Instead, he clapped back at him by saying that he was the reason why Manson ‘was relevant again’. The comment didn’t sit well with him and went on to insult Bieber again.

Manson even called Bieber a squirrel and recalled that the first time he met the then-teenager, he almost thought that he was a girl. Many called his insult ironic as the singer himself was known for his androgynous style back in the 1990s.

Drake Bell

Drake Bell and Justin Bieber have a lot in common. The two had very humble beginnings, Bieber starting his career with a YouTube channel whereas Bell with a show on Nickelodeon called Drake & Josh. The two also have something else in common: their hatred for each other.

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Bell first came after Bieber after the news broke that the Canadian singer has egged his neighbor’s house. He publicly declared war against him on Twitter by saying that he should focus on making music instead of being a nuisance to his neighbors.

The post didn’t work in Bell’s favor, instead, it labeled him as controversial and unpredictable. Bieber didn’t respond to the insult, and it’s quite likely that he never even found out about it.

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