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New to Home-schooling or Working from Home? Here Are Some Mistakes to Avoid

It’s extraordinary times we are living in, truly, but in light of the current social distancing measures, it is a reality all of us as a race are facing, whether you are working from home, being home-schooled, or taking a much-needed break from work.

Change is scary, but eventually, those new practices become the norm and we are currently seeing people embracing the new practices of Zoom video-conferencing, working from home, take-away only restaurants, home-schooling, lockdowns, and self-quarantines. Here are the top mistakes to avoid if you are working from home or home-schooling your kids.

Have a Plan

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While having a strong strategy is extremely important for the near-term, it is also vital to have a medium to long term plan, otherwise, it is very easy to get caught up in the rapidly changing day-to-day affairs during these times when headlines are being generated by the minute.

Although it is important to keep an eye on current affairs to formulate a strategy for your day or week, having an end goal in mind is the most important objective to include in your plan. It is no different to running a business or raising your kids, where you have an end goal in mind, whether it is to own the top burger chain in town or raising your children to grow up with strong morals and values.

Stick To Your Best Habits

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While the first few weeks of social distancing might have reduced the best of us to binge-watching The Big Bang Theory or plowing through an entire box of Mars bars, it’s important to stick to or go back to your healthy habits before the self-quarantine period like working out in the morning or reading a book before bedtime.

Sticking to some form of semblance of your pre-social distancing routine will not only keep you focused on day-to-day objectives, but it will also help you get back to your everyday schedule quickly once life is back to normal.

Don’t Be a One Man Army

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It is a very common trait amongst entrepreneurs and business owners to handle things by themselves and seldom ask for other people’s help when they find themselves in a pickle.

With most people staying indoors and plenty of free time on hand, this is as good an opportunity as ever to reach out to friends and family over video communication channels to ask for help or advice or just to check up on them and even offer them your help and guidance in return.

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