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Strangers That Were ‘Fathered’ By Rocky Johnson

Lisa Purves was 18 years old when she figured out that she was fathered by the WWE creme de le creme, Rocky Jhonson. By then, she tried to reach out to the wrestler and wanted to talk to him about her adoption. Unfortunately, she ended up not being able to talk to him. Years passed by, and Lisa tried to get connected with Rocky. More often than not, she would leave voicemails and would wait for months to hear back. But he would end up in despair. However, on her 30th birthday, Lisa connected with the WWE professional – she was about to tell him who she was when he hung up on her.

Sports Illustrated / For 30 years, Lisa Purves tried to connect with Rocky Johnson but ended up in despair.

Similarly, Lisa tells The Sun that she even talked to other wrestlers about her identity. But all her efforts went in vain. Today, Lisa is 53 years old and she confronts the embarrassment. To date, she has not publicly spoken about her ‘father’ and who she was. But today, she is no longer shy to confront the fact that “her father does not want her.”

At one point, Lisa jokingly says that she may consider making a documentary about herself and her father who wants to disown her. Moving forward with her career, Lisa has taken any job that she could find: From nursing and movie scriptwriting to producing. Thus, she has also tried to come up with a film that centers around fathers abandoning their kids. Although she could not come up with the film, she is sure that it badly damages the self-esteem of the kids – something she herself has experienced during her life.

Canada 24 / Children who are abandoned at an early age struggle with low self-esteem and lack f self-confidence. Argues Lisa Purves.

Paula Parson is another grown-up woman today who was once abandoned by the WWE legend Rocky Johnson. Her mom, Thelma, met Rocky Johnson in Toronto when she was 19. Paula is 58 now and teaches at a local school in Canada.

According to Paula, she learned from her mother, Thelma, about her biological father at an early age. Of course, her dad was none other than the WWE legend Rocky Johnson. But the Canadian professional wrestler was not ready to ‘adopt’ his daughter.

CNN / Paula Parson got false promises from Rocky Johnson and “nothing came up.”

As Paula grew up, she tried to get connected with her father – AKA Rocky Johnson. At the age of 16, she first reached out to Rocky and told him who she was. Rocky gave her what she calls “fake promises.” He would tell her that he was coming to meet his daughter. But years passed by, and nothing happened.

Similarly, Paula called on her dad when she turned 30. Again, she was given fake promises and nothing came up for her. She then moved on with her life and decided to confront the embarrassment openly. Today, Paula is an established and proud woman who is widely successful in her career. But she still could not understand why her biological father would disown her.

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