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4 Insane Rules Flight Attendants Must Follow Even When They’re Not in Air  

Anyone who has been to an airport would know how strict the security is and it is basically for the welfare of the many. As passengers, we must follow the protocols and take comfort in knowing that the rules are not just limited to us – even the staff, from the guard down to the flight attendants, are also bound by guidelines.

However, there are some regulations that may sound hilarious but must be followed by the employees nevertheless.


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Airport crew, especially flight attendants, are ordered to stay well-kempt and presentable at all times. This means that they should look their best during their duty. The way they dress also matters when at work – if they have uniforms, these should be clean.

Flight attendants are strictly prohibited from changing their uniforms to casual attire once inside the airport as well as its premises. When they must change, they usually don’t talk to clients because it is seen as a bad manner in this line of work.

How they present themselves is also bound by strict rules. Hair should be neatly combed and the makeup should be minimal. As such, self-expression through cosmetics is prohibited. Men also refrain from using makeup.


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Along with making sure they are groomed, the airline crew must always be calm. As you may have noticed, the trend here is that the staff must look organized and composed at all times regardless of any personal issue they are dealing with.

In times of danger, which is really unavoidable, they must maintain their demeanor and act as if they can handle anything – this is because they should be viewed as someone reliable by the customers.

Airline personnel must also be polite and courteous not just to the customers but to their coworkers as well. This is more important if they are in their uniforms because one violent act could damage the company.


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Interestingly, flight attendants always offer food. However, you won’t see them munching because it is a forbidden act for them while they are wearing their uniforms.

Medical Emergency

Some airlines prefer nursing graduates than other degree holders as flight attendants because they have a medical background that will come in handy when the need arises. However, no matter how helpful these staff must be to the customers, some of them really have their hands tied during certain situations.

In medical emergencies, they can attend to the person in need and assist him/her but they must wait for a doctor to use the toolkit.

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