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Money And Fame: How NFTs Become A Celebrity Thing

If you go back a couple of years, it will dawn upon you that NFTs were limited to a few selected traders. Part of the reason was that the market was not explored; people had absolutely no idea about how NFTs worked. Secondly, as this was an unattained market, people were reluctant to try it out, which makes a lot sense. You just can not put your hard-earned money into something uncertain. But recently, the trend has been changing drastically. People from all walks of life are hopping into NFTs and are unleashing the mystery of the non-fungible tokens. And it is massively paying off.

Markus / Pexels / NFTs have become a new trend in the market as people from all walks of life are trying it out.

However, one of the professionals trying out NFTs is none other than our favorite celebrities. Popular Hollywood stars and singers are investing in NFTs. So far, it is massively paying off and they are making some mad money.

It is essential to note here that different entrepreneurs have been endorsing NFTs too. Perhaps the foremost among them all is the outspoken Gary Vee. Apart from Garage Sales, Gary Vee has always tried to convince people that the NFTs are the ultimate future of investment. Initially, no one believed him. But as celebrities are shifting to NFTs now, more people are returning to Gary Vee – who has proven himself right time and again.

Entrepreneur / With celebrities rushing to NFTs, time has once again proven Gary Vee right.

With that said, here is a brief list of celebrities who have opted for NFTs and it is massively paying off. According to reports, these celebrities are making what is called ‘mad money.’ Before we dive deep into the list of the celebrities who are making decent earnings through NFTs, let’s be clear that this is a major breakthrough in the NFTs market. Since these celebrities are followed by millions of people, if they endorse the concept, NFTs will become a massive hit. Now, let’s analyze celebrities making big money through Non-fungible tokens.

  • Shawn Mendes

Fox News / Top-class singer, Shawn Mendes, collaborates with a digital company to launch an NFT.

One celebrity who has been in the limelight lately is Shawn Mendes. This time, it is not because of a super hit song. Instead, it is due to an unusual business module the singer has signed up for: NFTs.

In an Instagram post, the Canadian singer asserts that he is all set to collaborate with Genies, an avatar-based digital company. The collaboration aims at building an NFT portfolio for his latest album called ‘Wonder.’

  • Mean Girls Star Lindsay Lohan

Apart from the Canadian singer, other Hollywood stars are turning to NFTs too and “Mean Girls” star Lindsay Lohan is one of them.

Last month, Lindsay launched an NFT-based portfolio in collaboration with Hershey’s. The singer has made decent money through the integration of NFTs with her albums. According to reports, Lindsay Lohan is all set to diversify her NFTs portfolio and will collaborate with a number of technology-based companies in the coming months.

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