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Climate Change In Europe Gets Worse In 2022, Says A New Report

There has been a non-ending debate about climate change in Europe. Learned folks in Europe would sit for long-tale talks and political discussions everywhere, from laid-back coffee shops to extensive seminars. Listening to them, you would feel that these guys are super learned. And they know everything. But when it comes to climate change, very few numbers of these learned Europeans were ready to accept that climate change even exists. Remember the Greta Thunberg saga? When the 12-year-old spoke up about climate change, European leaders mocked her. Even Russian president, Vladamir Putin, said that “this kid knows nothing about climate change.” But soon after the pandemic, Greta ran climate change campaigns across the world. These campaigns played a pivotal role in spreading mass awareness among Europeans – about climate change.

Pixabay / Pexels / Climate change becomes intense and “more apparent” in Europe, warn scientists.

However, these efforts of Greta are just one tip of the iceberg when it comes to addressing climate change. Scientists across the region have conducted tiresome research to ‘convince’ Europeans that climate change is real. And we are already in it.

This summer, however, it became very apparent in Europe. Temperature across Europe increased in an unprecedented way. The temperature that was recorded this summer was twice of the previous years. According to World Meteorological Organization (WMO), the current high temperature in Europe was never seen in the last 40 years.

Guill / Pexels / With droughts, melting ice, and exceptional heat, climate change is reaching its height across European regions.

Nonetheless, it is essential to note here that we are not talking about a far-fetched future. By no means are we talking about the past either.  Instead, we are talking about the present. The current situation in Europe is intense. Very intense, in fact. The ice and glaciers are melting in an unprecedented way. The heat is exceptional. And droughts have become ubiquitous. Travel a few years back, and you will reckon none of these existed in Europe – even five years ago. In 2015, the temperature in Europe was ‘standard.’ No ice melting and no exceptional heat.

Fast forward to 2022, and the situation is entirely different. The heat gets intense, and glaciers continue melting in an unprecedented way.

Markus / Pexels / Climate change in Europe ‘disrupts’ human habitat and lives across the region.

Apparently, when there is exceptional heat, natural calamities are bound to happen. A report suggests that natural disasters in Europe went up to 75% in 2021. These calamities included floods, earthquakes, soil erosion, melting of glaciers.

As a result of these disasters, tens of thousands of people lost their lives. Likewise, the planet earth was also got destroyed by our callousness. However, scientists are foreseeing more intense weather across European regions. They warn that the current climate change crisis can take “worst shape” if it is not addressed.

That is why European political leaders and influential people need to step forward to address climate change. Europe indirectly favors any more human casualties caused by the humanitarian crisis. Scientists suggest that all Europeans should play their roles in addressing climate change across the region.

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