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Why Did Kim Kardashian & Pete Davidson Part Ways?

Celebrity relationships fail more often than they succeed and there is ample evidence that backs up this opinion. Of course, this is a very unfortunate incident that has been occurring over and over again. Do you remember when Bill and Melinda Gates parted ways? They were ideal couples. Every day, Twitter and Instagram were filled with hashtags like relationship goals and couple commitments giving the example of Melinda and Bill. But no! Things did not work out for them – despite the fact that they were considered ideal couples. Well, if you remember the sad parting of Bill and Melinda, you certainly know about Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian.

Buzz Feed / It is heart-wrenching to see that celebrities enjoy every prestige, yet they fail to develop a long-lasting relationship.

By the time when Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian tied the knot, they were termed as the ideal couple. Sure enough! They were perfect with every single angle. Both of them enjoy worthwhile fame. None of them have any issues with finances or anything else.

Despite all that, they could not make it. Thus, the time came when Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian parted ways. As soon as the divorce between Kim and Davidson was made public, it raised eyebrows. People from all walks of life were curious to know the reasons behind the sad departure of the love birds. What could have gone wrong between the comedian and the popular actress that made them end up in an angelic relationship?

CNN / Kim Kardashian has made it clear that they “lacked mutual understanding.”

This is an oft-asked question that makes everyone curious. Well, it turns out that there were some ‘inside stories that led them to call it quits.

  • Age Gap

It turns out that the most apparent reason for the partition of Pete and Kim Kardashian was the age difference. By the time when they said, “yes, I do!” Pete was only 29. On the other hand, Kim Kardashian was 41. Of course, this is a massive age gap of 12 years.

Buzz News / The age gap of 12 years was the foremost reason that Kim and Pete Davidson called it quits.

In an interview with The News, Kim Kardashian was reported to say that Pete was “acting childish” throughout their marriage. It is obvious that Kim Kardashian is a grown-up woman who has raised four kids before. She also knows the ins and outs of marital life. So, you would expect that she needs a mature man.

On the other hand, Pete Davidson was only 29. This means that the comedian was immature and had no experience with marital life. Sources claim that there were skirmishes between Kim and Davidson. And “things were never smooth” between them.

  • Lack of Mutual Understanding

Another reason was the lack of mutual understanding. Essentially, no marriage is complete without mutual understanding. It takes two for a relationship to work in the long run. A healthy relationship is not possible unless both parties are on the same page.

Kim argues that she and Davidson did not have a mutual understanding – at any point in their relationship. She was “fed up” with Davidson’s ego, as she puts it. So, she had no other option than calling it quits.

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