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Why Do Korean Stars Get Cancelled So Quickly? A Deeper Look

Cancel culture has been around for the last couple of years now. And celebrities are the ones who are the direct victims of it. Every now and then, there are stories of celebrity stars becoming a victim of public scrutiny. Fans pick one thing and use it against the fame and popularity of these stars. Take Johnny Depp and Amber Heard as an example. What really happened was nothing more or less than a household skirmish between the lovebirds. Now, as they have parted ways, Amber Heard has struggled – and is struggling – with some serious damages. She has been a victim of ruthless public scrutiny. For Johhny Depp, however, it has been totally the opposite. Thus, public scrutiny of Hollywood stars is something commonplace. Something that happens every now and then. Nevertheless, this is very true for Korean stars as well.

LA Times / Just like Hollywood stars, Korean stars are also victims of ruthless public scrutiny.

For instance, Kim Jisoo – AKA Jisoo – is a rising Korean star. She has played some mind-blowing roles throughout her career. But Korean fans did not spare her. Due to some public remarks, Jisoo became the victim of fans’ scrutiny. It is essential to note here that Jisoo is the most loved star in Korea.

But her worldwide fame did not stop her fans from the mass hatred she is dealing with right now. As a result of the public hatred, Jisoo left “Come Back Home.” The reality show “Come Back Home” was all set to be released and Jisoo was the leading star. But just before the release of the reality show, Jisoo became a victim of bullying and character assassination. However, the reason behind the unjust hatred of Jisoo is not apparent. But what actually did to her is pretty obvious.

CNN / Following ruthless public scrutiny and character assassination, Jisoo left the upcoming reality show “Come Back Home.”

  • The Impacts of Public Scrutiny on Jisoo

Firstly, Jisoo struggled with mental anguish and stress after the accusations that were publicly made against her. That was just one tip of the iceberg.

However, the biggest ‘professional’ impacts of the accusations were major breakthroughs in her career. She was all set to star in the upcoming blockbuster reality show called “Come Back Home.” These questions compelled Jisoo to quit her upcoming show.

Zoom TV / Leaving her upcoming blockbuster show “Come Back Home” was a significant breakthrough in the career of Jisoo.

The 22-year-old star told a news outlet that the implications of the bullies that were made against her are “unbearable.”

“No star deserves to be bullied the way Jisoo is,” the Korean star said.

Furthermore, she asserted that these accusations were “so disastrous” that she could not carry on her  dream project of “Come Back Home.”

  • The Cancel Culture of Korea

When we look at the cancellation of Korean stars like Jisoo, it turns out that it is something deep-rooted in the culture of Korea. Whenever a star rises in Korea, she is destined to be put down in no time.

Thus, as Hollywood stars struggle with public scrutiny in the U.S, Korean stars get canceled. Of course, the problem of Korean stars like Jisoo, is much bigger than what we see in the U.S.

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