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The Best Advice for Coping With Your Family at Christmas

Whie many of us have found the time to catch breaths during the pandemic by not being forced to attend family gatherings and family holidays, skipping all the constant bickering and drinking through most of those days, others are looking forward to being with their families over the holidays again. Admittedly, absence has made the heart grow a little fonder.

Undoubtedly holidays can be a stressful time, especially Christmas. There are plenty of things that could go wrong and be suddenly forced back to meeting your family, updating them with your life can be exhausting. Here are some tips from women who share their life experiences to make sure this holiday’s family dinner doesn’t erupt into another fiasco.

The holidays aren’t the best time to resolve family matters

Christmas or any other family holiday is not the time to fix your family feuds. The issues that couldn’t be resolved through the year can certainly wait another few days. The wisest thing to do is to leave those issues alone and let them fix them on their own, and have a good time with your family. Sure enough, this might even help some of the family members be reminded of why the family is so important.

Make sure you have a good time

Nicole Michalou/ Pexels | Recall your best Christmas memories this year

Rather than rushing around and trying to satisfy everyone, start doing things for yourself. Catch up on everything that you couldn’t due to your busy routine. Hang out with some old friends back at home, pour out a glass of wine and enjoy the snow, go through your time capsule, meet new people at the pub.

Spend some time doing something silly that you love, it’s the best you deserve after a long year. Rather than being absorbed by the family drama, focus on the things you missed out while you were away and things you love about your family.

Stay realistic

Your family is, after all the influence which affects you the most. Your home provides you with the primary education that helps you move on through your life and shapes you into who you are today. These experiences can be jolly memories or even bad, despite all the stress and anxiety triggering episodes, you love them and always keep coming back to them even at your lowest.

Prioritize yourself

Christmas doesn’t mean you have to be always present with your family. Dress your best, go out and have fun with your friends. You can also go out for some time to catch a breath and have some quiet time to take some pressure off yourself. You deserve it. If you can’t go out, then grab some snacks and watch some classics, read a book, listen to music or play some video games. Do whatever that eases your mind.

Solve issues in a healthy manner

Do not go back to the ways you managed these situations as a child. Look around you and see everything from an adult perspective. If you think you can find a simple way to pause the conflicts, then take an action, but remember that you came for a holiday, not for family therapy.

Get some fresh air

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Go out for a long walk with your pets to get away for a while. Christmas walks are special and beautiful, also it may be the one time of year you let yourself be amused by the beauty in nature. This may also give you a few conversation pointers once you sit down with the family around the big table.

Avoid any argument triggering topics

Avoid hot topics that could arouse emotions and cause an argument between your dad and uncle. We all know our family members don’t exactly agree to every social topic and a conflict especially when you’re staying for a couple days with the entire family, can lead to a very uncomfortable atmosphere. Keep everyone happy, crack some silly jokes, in case a controversial topic comes up, or simply nod your way out of it.

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