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The Lingering Threat Of Losing Your Child Due To “Psychological Experts” In Parental Alienation Cases

Divorce is a reality for many children in the U.K.; children are either living under the roof of their mothers or fathers but in some homes, they’re living in almost a war zone! Supposing the marriage between the parents doesn’t end on a good note, there might be some resentment from one or both parents’ sides, which might lead to Parental Alienation. Investigations are revealing that parents – mostly mothers – are losing their children due to the advice of unregulated experts. These court-appointed psychological experts are raging havoc in the lives of the children as well as their parents over something they’re not qualified enough to comment on.


Agung Pandit/Pexels |  If both parents have contributed to the lives of their children, then they deserve to have a relationship with them despite the problems between the parents.

What Is Parental Alienation?

Before you understand what’s going on, you should understand the concept of parental alienation. It’s described as a situation where one parent intentionally showcases unjustified negativity toward the other parent to destroy the relationship between the other parent and the child. Oftentimes, parents do it out of resentment from the divorce but in other instances, they also have ulterior motives like custody cases. Whatever the case might be, it damages not only the child’s relationship but also opens the door to trust issues as they grow up.


Josh Wilink/Pexels | Unfortunately, a lot of children with divorced parents deal with different levels of this microaggression

The British System

Court-appointed psychologists appointed are registered with the Health and Care Professionals Council. However, unfortunately, people who don’t qualify can also be appointed through some loopholes in the legal system. Now, concerns are being raised regarding the inappropriate diagnosis made by these experts, which results in life-changing consequences for the families. An investigation led by the Observer raises questions about the ongoing scandal and how it’s easily taking place behind closed doors where parents, mostly mothers, are being accused of parental alienation irrespective of not having any previous negative record.

Prof. Mike Wang, who chairs the ACP-UK board of directors, sheds light on the situation and states that such cases are complicated and are one of the most scandalous things that he’s witnessed. They are mainly concerned about the unregistered experts who are taking part in such serious matters. He continued that the organization has taken notice of the unregulated experts that use the term parental alienation, and cause irreversible damage to the families. Prof. Wang mentioned that he also has witnessed children being stripped from their parents through force on the grounds of parental alienation.

Daria Obymaha/Pexels | No child deserves















This is an alarming situation that could damage a lot of families.

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