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5 To 9 Is A TikTok Trend – But Doctors Are Warning About The Potential Risks

Since the pandemic, social media app TikTok, has been on the rise with short and fun dance videos. However, this particular app has become more than just an app for dance videos. TikTok is now the place where you can find content for everyone, whether it’s makeup gurus, food bloggers, or financial advisors, you are bound to find literally anything on this including trends as well. TikTok is known for trends that go viral after users share their videos, followed by a chain reaction of the other TikTok users trying out the trend for themselves or reacting to it. Do you remember the frozen honey trend? Yes, this is just one of the many examples of the kind of trends that TikTok consists of.


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Recently, there is a trend on the rise which is focused on productivity, especially amongst the people who generally work a typical 9 to 5 job.

Meet The 5 To 9 Before The 9 To 5

This 5 to 9 trend includes users sharing an insight into their lives and how they go on about their day such as taking care of morning chores, routines, and healthy habits when they are not at work. With 38.5 million views, this #5to9 trend is about being productive when you are off work. It only works for the folks working from home since they make up most of the people participating in this trend. Most of the videos consist of people either getting ready for their day with meal prep, preparing for work, or people relaxing with the help of yoga, cleaning, and cooking. 

Annushka/Pexels | If you are someone who might find this interesting, then this trend is for you

Here’s The Catch

You know what they say “all that glitters is not gold” especially when it comes under the guise of TikTok trends. According to Dr. Gina Cleo, a habit scientist and dietitian, this trend is great since it can help many people break out of that everyday monotony and provide them with a sense of achievement. With healthy habits like self-care, exercise, and reading, you are making the most of your time, but it might not be entirely harmless. Dr. Cleo states that there could be a potential risk when people sacrifice their sleep or bodily needs in the name of ‘productivity’. Just like your mind needs rest, so does your body and if you deprive it of sleep then you are not only neglecting your body’s needs but making it vulnerable to danger. She also states that 5 to 9 is not for everyone out there. 

Vlada Karpovich/Pexels | While there is no denying that this is a good trend, it is not a one-size-fits-all kind of thing!

For Dr. Cleo, it’s not important to be productive 24/7, it’s about being realistic with your goals and your body.    

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