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Can’t Find Your First Job? Follow These Tried & Trusted Tips

It is the part of the year when students from heterogenous fields flood into the market for internships and jobs. The pre-covid era was quite challenging and was the pandemic itself. However, this time the silver lining has proved to be right. Job openings across the US are way higher than the previous track records.

Anna / Pexels / 2022 is a great year to be a graduate in terms of jobs and career opportunities. Asserts the director of UNC Charlotte, Patrick Madsen.

The director of UNC Charlotte, Patrick Madsen, was the first to talk about fresh graduates, job seekers, and job offers this year. “This year is way greater than the previous ones. It looks great!” he said. Furthermore, he went on to say that the anticipated amount of job openings is greater than the graduates of this year. “This is great news that we have more job openings than the graduates – nationwide. There are smart students who have already got wonderful offers and have accepted them. Others, I have seen, are turning down offers. This is a great year to be a graduate.”

Nonetheless, more jobs don’t guarantee that you will get one. You will have to be smart and qualified enough to get the job. To help with that, we have collected some tried and trusted tips. Not only will these tips help you in finding a job, they will also play a key role in your upcoming career.

  • Befriend Social Media But in the Right Way

Andrea / Pexels / Almost 53% of long-term employees are hired through social media platforms. Raeveals a gallop survey by LinkedIn.

If used the right way, social media can play a life-changing role. Say, you are a fresh graduate and you are looking to be hired at a software hub or you are looking to be hired as a family lawyer. So, you go on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook and follow relevant content to your field.

More often, pages and blogs share new job openings, career opportunities, job offers, and informative stuff. As a result, you can use this information for good and can find a decent job in your domain.

Likewise, you can also find experts in your field on these platforms – who have excelled in your field. You can get inspiration and insights from them as well. In turn, these will help you in shaping your career.

  • Ask, Ask & Ask

RODNAE / Pexels / Those who ask more, learn more. And those who learn more, earn more.

A stupidity that is commonly found in most fresh graduates is that they do not ask. Be it for advice, suggestions, or just for the sake of information, they will never ask. Unlike them, be open-minded and ask as many times as you can. Reach out to your seniors and get their opinions. Check up on people who have already gone through the stage that you are in. It will serve you numerous things including:

Broadening your perspectives and worldviews.
Satiating you with fruitful advice and suggestions.
Giving you a road map to follow.

Here is a bonus tip:

  • Make Use of the Resources of Your College For Good

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