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What You Should Know About Apples Before Stepping Into The Grocery Store

We’ve all heard the saying an apple a day keeps the doctor away. But have you ever wondered what’s so great about apples that people don’t get tired of giving this example? Is it its small size or its content? TBH, it’s both and even more!


Kotagauni Srinivas/Unsplash | Health experts say that apple’s vitamin and mineral content and its easy availability are why it’s the second most-consumed fruit in the world

Alex Caspero, a registered dietitian and author at Delish Knowledge, says apple’s vitamin and mineral content, its easy availability, and its inexpensiveness is the reason why it’s the second most-consumed fruit in the world. She believes since it comes in many varieties and different tastes, people never get bored of it. 

But what about the calories and nutritional value in it? Can we consume apples in endless numbers and still stay fit? Let’s find out!

First, how many calories does one apple provide?

According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), a medium-sized apple contains 95 calories (zero fats, 4g fibers, 25g carbohydrates, and 19g sugars). Did your eyes just widen? If they did, know that the sugar content in an apple is still less than the 21g you get in a regular-sized Kit Kat bar. Plus, this sugar is less harmful to your body since it comes with fibers. Caspero says the fiber present in fruits and vegetables helps control blood sugar levels naturally. It slows down digestion and stops the blood sugar levels from rising like they would after consuming candy. 


Nathan Hulsey/Unsplash | Experts say the fiber in fruits and vegetables helps control blood sugar levels naturally

Other interesting facts about apples!

Eating one medium-sized apple gives you your daily dose of 14% vitamin A and 11% of vitamin C, both that your immune system needs the most. 

Caspero states antioxidants like vitamin A and C save the body from free radical damage caused by unstable atoms. They reduce the risks of illness and aging, giving you healthy, radiant skin. She suggests if we consume darker apples more, we can get anthocyanins, an antioxidant that reduces oxidative stress and shields the body from diseases. Plus, we can also get a good amount of prebiotics, a kind of indigestible fiber our gut’s good bacteria feed on, so it’s a win-win deal!


Sydney Rae/Unsplash | Darker apples are rich in antioxidants that reduce oxidative stress and shield the body from diseases

How many apples can you eat in a day?

Consuming one or two apples on a daily basis is normal. Rather, it’s good for your health. But if you’re diabetic, you should not take chances as apples are a high-sugar fruit. You should restrict the consumption to not more than three to four servings a day, which is equivalent to a small-sized apple. 

If you stay alert and take a proper diet, your body will benefit a lot. But if you eat endlessly, even the healthiest food in the world would damage your body and increase the number of doctor visits. So stay safe and act smartly.

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