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The Best Places That Offer A Healthy Lifestyle

A person’s well-being depends on various internal and external factors; your surroundings play an important role in your health and fitness. According to a survey, Arizona, California, and Florida are ranked as the best states to live, with the highest wellness scores. On the other hand, Alabama, Louisiana, and Oklahoma have the lowest wellness score. This score was calculated based on the states’ records of the health facilities, Google search trends, as well as access to national parks. The states that scored well were the ones that had more parks and offered better health facilities to their citizens compared to the rest.

The definition of wellness can vary from person to person. However, in this survey, when researchers referred to the word wellness, they meant the absence of diseases along with more outdoor activities and personal motivation to achieve better health. A wellness advisor said that when you are active, you strive for healthy eating habits. 

Abby/Pexels | Playgrounds offer great outdoor activities for kids.

Green Spaces Have Many Benefits

The survey specifically considered national parks as green spaces, which indicates more access to physical activities. Alaska, Hawaii, Washington D.C., and Florida have the highest rate of national parks, while Illinois. Kansas, Lowa, and Oklahoma have no parks at all. During the pandemic, CDC researchers emphasized the importance of keeping the parks open for people’s physical and mental well-being. Green spaces also include local playgrounds, bike paths, or trails, which are beneficial for health and keep you fit and active. 

Helena/Pexels | In states with large green spaces, citizens are more likely to be active.

There is always emphasis on open spaces because getting outside may positively impact your brain activity. In New York City, the green space covers 20,000 acres of land; a large piece of land is covered with urban forests, public lawns, and parks. Such cities also offer bike and scooter rentals so that people can get a chance to explore nature. People living in the high-scoring states were also using Google to search for integrative health practices than the ones living in low-scoring states. The survey also found that people in low-scoring countries were using Google more frequently to find cures for preventable diseases. High-scoring states such as Arizona, Colorado, and New York had the most search results for healthy diets. Meanwhile, the low-scoring states such as Vermont had the highest search results for interests like yoga and meditation.

Ella/Pexels |People living in states with high wellness scores love to eat healthy food

The researchers failed to determine if people’s online activities truly depicted how they physically care for themselves. Researchers also pointed out that people shouldn’t be characterized on a geographic or cultural basis. States should not be considered the least healthy state based on the level of sugar they consume. This is because various environmental and social factors can alongside affect a person’s diet. Luckily, people don’t have to change states to live a healthy life. They can be more creative if they’re determined to change their lifestyle. Practicing yoga, sticking to a nutritious diet, and exercising indoors are some of the ways you can adopt a healthy lifestyle even if you live in a state that has a low wellness score.

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