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5 Tips to De-Stress and Become Happier

It’s time you acknowledged that happiness could come from anything. It could be the return of your favorite TV show or trying out that new restaurant your friend keeps talking about. Since 2020, everyone and everything has been in lockdown mode to stay protected from COVID-19. Social isolation has led lives to become more monotonous than ever, and sometimes, it gets to your head, leading to you feeling exhausted and suffering from mental and physical burnout.

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Even though things aren’t going as planned for most of us, you shouldn’t allow the situation to take over your life. One must find happiness in the rainiest of the days, and that’s why we’ve rounded up a few ways you can cheer yourself up.

1. A Walk in the Park

Remember the time when you’d feel stressed, and someone would advise you to take a walk outside? Like it or not, there’s more to this seemingly useless advice. Nature has a calming effect on your body. Once you go out and get some fresh air, you begin to feel better instantly. Apart from lifting your mood, a little exercise can help you stay active.

2. Redecorate

As superficial as it sounds, giving your room or your workstation a makeover can help in lifting your mood. It’s also a great way to explore your creative side. Print out a picture of your dog and hang it next to your computer. Decluttering the mess has a positive effect on your mind, and a clean environment can brighten your day.

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3. Try Gardening

As mentioned above, nature has its own way of making you feel at peace- not to mention all the other great benefits it provides for your health. We tend to find ourselves gravitating towards plants because of this certain trait they hold. Try gardening as a means to uplift your mood. If you don’t have garden space, create an indoor one- keep potted plants, maybe even a succulent.

4. Use the Natural Light

Waking up early in the morning to start your work in the natural light is quite beneficial for a number of reasons. Like all things natural, even the sunlight has its own perks- it can help in de-stressing, provide you with Vitamin D and even kill the germs in your room if you let it in. In addition to that, artificial lighting, for instance, fluorescent lights, have shown signs of increasing the stress hormone in your body.

5. Change your TV Preferences

Chances are your picks on TV are causing you stress. Do you get up in the morning and watch a good ol’ action movie to brighten your day? Far from brightening it up, such films often leave your mental peace more damaged than before. The best way to counter that is to watch calming documentaries that help you feel calm and relaxed. A good comedy never hurts anyone either.

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These were our top 5 tips on de-stress and find happiness, but you can find happiness anywhere and in anything. All you need to do is try.

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